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Meat ...

Turkey steak
with paprika in a cream sauce, french fries and salad

Pork Steak „Beethoven“
with fresh white Mushrooms and stripes of ham
in tarragon cream with french fries and salad

Viennese Schnitzel from the Veal
with french fries and mixed salad

Argentinian Point steak 200 gram
with roast potatoes, salad and herb butter

Argentinian Point steak 300 gram
with roast potatoes, salad and herb butter

„Miebach’s Mixed Grill“
pork steak and steak from the turkey, rib steak sausage,
with bacon, herb-butter, french fries, salad

Pasta ...

Fettuccine à la Carte
with butter, with tomato sauce or garlic
and olive oil

Fresh Tagliatelle with Strips of Turkey
broccoli in curry cream and almond slices

Fresh Rucola – Gnocchi
with tomatoes, basil and parmesan cheese

Home made Lasagne

Fettuccine with feta cheese
mediterranean vegetables in a spicy tomato sauce

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